Experience RETNE

A VR Journey Like No Other

The creative lead and producer on RETNE is Deepa Mann-Kler, an award winning, internationally acclaimed, multi-disciplinary artist. She will be making her US debut at SxSW. The team behind RETNE are VRNI Limited, Kainos, Enter Yes and David Baxter, which has been supported by NI Screen, Invest NI and Digital Catapult. During Immersed in NI at SxSW, attendees are being offered the chance to experience RETNE a unique VR experience.

What is RETNE?

RETNE is an immersive experience that creates an original and compelling VR environment for HTC Vive. It incorporates high quality animation, state of the art immersive audio and an original storyline that makes for a truly unique user journey.

The user will adopt the role of a tourist. The tourist is about to embark on a magical journey through virtual reality, visiting fabulous attractions in the new world that surrounds them, accompanied by a quixotic tour guide. Playful and interactive, RETNE engages the user to start and progress their VR journey using humour, sensory and interactive triggers.

Central to RETNE is your tour guide "Lil Mo", who has been voiced by actor Michael Smiley. The user must perform quests within the VR experience to reveal hidden secrets and special effects. RETNE really is out of this world, wholly consuming the senses from start to finish - visit Immersed NI to see for yourself.